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Origendestination.store: Our Brand & Our Narrative


Greetings and welcome to Origendestination.store!

We’ve extended our Origen Destination brand to include our on-line store! Shop Origendestination.store where you’ll find all of our latest Men’s and Women’s custom-designed fashion apparel, brand merchandise, accessories and more! We’ve put a lot of love in the collections represented there!

Originally we started out looking to make a few promotional T-shirts to advertise our work. What started as a general search quickly emerged into an online store. This brand expansion further supports our mission and vision to introduce organic sustainable solutions to solving socio-economic disparities.



Mission: "Our custom-designed apparel and accessories are more than just a fashion statement but represents a symbol of Solidarity, Unity and Fidelity in the African-American Diaspora experience and for the socio-economic uplift and empowerment of all descendants of Africans worldwide."

 What you’ll find @ our store: Colorful & Liveliness

Handbags & Totes:


Our Women’s Handbag is one of our fastest growing collections. We’re featuring something extra special with our designer-inspired handbags. Each intricately designed piece beholds its own unique expression, vibrancy and liveliness. Our custom designs are featured on selected products we selected and include petite-sized purses, small and large totes. Shop Women's Handbags

Wallets, Mini-carriers & Cosmetic bags:

We know that smaller carriers can be used interchangeably as mini-purses. So, if you’re looking for miniature bags, check out some of our mini-carriers. Carry solo or match with a similar styled handbag or tote. Shop Wallets & Mini-carriers

Casual wear:

As Causal wear is steadily redefining itself, our fashion brand and narrative take on an organic life of its own. Much of our apparel infuses a variety of design schemes. Our casual wear collection includes, women’s short, mid, and long dresses, pencil and flare skirts, blouses, shirt-tops, halters, pants, flare bottoms, rompers, jackets, and lightweight dress coats. Shop Casual wear


Our Activewear collection consists of both active and recreational wear. Activewear as of late has taken the place of what was once referred to as lounging wear. We’ve got something that will work for your lifestyle demands. Our design is interchangeable and suitable for many occasions, recreation, gym, errands, outings, travel, etc. We’re featuring designer symbolic expressions leggings, short and long-sleeve shirts dresses, jumpsuits, and lightweight hoodies. Shop Active wear


When we added footwear to our collections, we were pretty excited to do so. We’ve featured our colorful brand designs on a number of different products to include low and high-top canvas shoes, athletic shoes, canvas slip-ons and beach sandals and flip-flops. Shop  Men's Footwear or Shop Women's Footwear

Minimalist Travel Gear:

We’re featuring something for the minimalist travelers who like to pack light and go! Check out our Signature and Symbol-inspired duffle bags, medium and small backpacks, drawstring bags, waist bags and interchangeable cross-over chest bags. Shop Travel Gear

Origendestination.store is a brand extension of Origen Destination. We welcome you to visit our site to learn more about our work, brand and narrative. Visit: Origendestination.com Otherwise, don't forget to subscribe in order to receive special offers, news, and new On-Arrival drops!

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