Origen Destination Women's Long-sleeve Button-neck Shirt Dress Collection

Origen Destination Women's Long-sleeve Button-neck Shirt Dress Collection

Featuring our Origen Destination Button-neck Shirt Dress Collection. We've infused our Signature... 

Dia-Sym Collection

Browse a vast and timeless collection of uniquely designed, diamond-inspired symbolic expression.


OD On-Arrival Women's footwear

Shop: Origendestination.store for all of our latest in Women's Footwear.

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  • Point of Origen

    It's never too late to revive a dormant vision. One trip to the African continent can change everything and open up new doors and opportunities. Envision yourself spending your later years returning to your Point of Origɛn. In short, "The Point of Origin" is the place where something originates: the point at which something begins its course of existence. There are no apologies for wanting to walk in your God-ordained life's narrative and destination. It simply starts with You and a vision made plain. Origɛn Destination points out ways that vision can be leveraged.

    Point of Origen- A 
  • Origen Destination

    Origendestination.store is a brand extension of Origen Destination and its mission and vision to inspire SME Black business partnerships and expansion initiatives on the African continent. Learn more about this work by visiting our website.

    Origen Destination 
  • Brand expansion

    We're going with the flow and allowing our brand to organically develop into something wonderful. There's nothing like the freedom of expression designed to inspire, uplift and empower. We believe in manifesting that reality and realizing that narrative on digital canvases, and in various spaces and places.

Origen Destination: Activewear

We started out with our On-Arrival Point of Origen Continent T-Shirt Collection which has now evolved into an entire Men’s & Women’s Activewear Collection. Choose from a wide variety of our Signature branded tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories and more!

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Origen Destination: Handbags & Accessories

We started with just a small cosmetic bag concept but ended up with an expansive Handbag arsenal that's still going and growing. We've infused our Signature brands to include wallets, mini-carriers, handbags, small and large totes, clutches, shoulderbags & accessories.

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OD New Drops P2

OD New Drops P2

Drops are happening everywhere and at all times! Check back for more...