It’s enough for everybody: An Observation on Branding and Developing

It’s enough for everybody: An Observation on Branding and Developing


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Narratives as Personal Choices

Just taking into account for the States alone, there’s Diaspora in the millions. We’re a mixture of one people, we don't all like it the same. From what we wear, listen to, drive, our narratives, etc. It’s considered lifestyle choices and personal convictions. For as much as we have in common, when it comes to our personal lifestyle choices, that’s where we’ll diverge at times. You know how we do… if we want to fool with you, we will. If we don’t, we won’t (loosely stated). So, yes! There’s enough for everybody. When we’re looking, we’ll find what we want and from whom among us…

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There are many Narratives to choose from...

The idea that people can just be herded into only accepting certain truths and narratives used to be true at one time but not anymore. There’s so much thought processing going on out here, it’s not even funny… it’s liberating. To come into that reality of, “oh you think that way too” is validating and compelling at the same time. That’s where the, “I thought it was just me…” question got answered.  

A Recall…

Not too long ago, during a YT interview, I was asked to plug  OUR BRAND & OUR NARRATIVE. So, I took the time to hone in on the fact that we (Diaspora) have so many gifts and talents that we don’t even need to compete with one another… The point was that people get it confused with people hoarding and narcissism. It’s more than just one brand and narrative out there, people like that kind of variety nowadays. Diaspora has a unique way of just tapping into that variety when engaging in business exchanges. So, why would we harm another Diaspora just because we believe it will advance our cause…? There’s enough for everybody… so why the cannibalistic approach…? I guess there’s a number assigned to that type of operation and it’s usually consensual…

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When Targets tapped something else…

Everybody tends to tap into their narratives for the most part when doing business anyways. Target marketing attempts to attract a specific array of people. It’s just not who you would necessarily expect sometimes. You could be shooting for one group with a message and end up that message hitting home and resonating with a completely unexpected group.

In Solidarity and the art of ventriloquism

It is possible to still be pro-something but still operate on an inclusive stage. There is such a thing as operating on many different fronts. However, some are not ready for that part. Yes, I guess you could view talking out of multiple sides of one’s neck is actually considered a gift. It’s like throwing your voice of sorts. A ventriloquist type or chameleon-play…just blending in as cover given the environment... they’re out here strong though.

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Room enough V. Narc Mentality…the only mine not yours issue

There’s a lot that goes into a lot but some only manage the portion they have and that’s okay. Just allow others room to do what they do and on their own terms. Just like we enjoy our autonomy in framing and developing messaging and branding, allow others the same. If not, it’ll go through you and on to the next…

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