Origendestination.store: Business Lazarus moments...a personable take

Origendestination.store: Business Lazarus moments...a personable take

My first hack at understanding the inner-workings of business resurrection was to watch a real-life business Lazarus take place back in 1993-94.

On the East side of Detroit off of E. McNichols were the remnants of a once vibrant and thriving local community furniture store. The newly acquired property now belonged to a dear acquaintance of mine whose Father had started the business decades prior. The father having transitioned a few years prior had nobody to really take things over. Unfortunately, the store had been abandoned shortly after his father’s passing and what remained would require a lot of refurbishing and care. So, the revitalization project didn’t come to fruition until after my acquaintance was of legal age to do anything.

I was privy to what seemed like a forever process to get everything from the physical location’s acquisition paperwork, taxes, etc. back on track.  Watching my dear friend’s vision become plain took a lot of diligence and patience on their part. Not to mention, they were doing all in their power to resurrect a legacy and business presence in a community. The neighborhood had evolved and in a surprisingly short amount of time. How my dear friend would navigate the new territory and experience would take some ingenuity.

At the time, I really didn’t know what would be needed assistance wise but what I did understand was, there was some passion and determination in this new business owner to truly admire. So while everything was slowly but surely coming together for my dear friend, I found myself assuming somewhat of an administrative role, contributing in ways I believed to be meaningful. Rolling up my sleeves, and bundling up my little one to go and spend countless hours at the store, helping the clean-up effort.

You’d be surprised what you can find left behind in most abandoned places. In this case, I was able to piece together what appeared to be random documents strewn about the floor; later learning these miscellaneous documents had some real meaning to his business efforts.

Business supportive efforts…

Once the store was refurbished, not long after, there was a celebrated grand re-opening. What appeared to be a far-fetched vision for some who doubted the comeback, turned out to be a Lazarus resurrection and a legacy preserved for this young new business owner.

Resurrecting a business in any form is not easy to do. Especially when you’re attempting to rebrand it to the times you’re living in. I watched my dear friend incur a lot of hardship and experience some difficult days. It seemed as there was always “something” trying to discourage his efforts.  Although there were random moments, there were some really great moments. Even in the thick of the business revival, there was some appreciation for those of us that showed support.

Sometimes you just do your part. In my case, what I couldn’t donate monetarily, I donated in time and talent. Once they got the business up and running, I was able to show some appreciation by donating a few pieces of artwork for the cause. That’s what it was about for me even then. Showing the Love when you can and where you can. It’s not something planned, you don’t need a title and credential for it, it’s just who you are. What make you—you.

Now, where is that young business owner today? Well, that gray-bearded guy is doing just fine. Today he’s one of many I know who’s mastered the art of Business rebranding. He, his beautiful wife and family have a thriving online business, selling natural healthcare products for healthy skin and hair.

My takeaways from a business Lazarus moment…

It’s a blessing to still show support and have love for the business grind 30 yrs. later. I’m truly appreciative for the early-on example as you never truly value an experience until you understand the “Why” of it; even though the “Why” might not be realized until much later. At the end of the day, whether it’s reviving a dormant vision or making one plain; Divine timing is priceless. You can’t change the past in order to arrive at your “Why” any sooner. Else you might arrive at the “How” instead…

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