Origendestination.store: The Infinite Creative Place

Origendestination.store: The Infinite Creative Place

The Infinite Creative Place:

The ability to manifest and harness creative expression in whatever I could manifest it in was also connected to design. Sometimes the power of optics can be so powerful that any attempt to communicate it would be close to impossible. So, fashion design was an outlet of creativity for me. That way those immediate mental visuals can be communicated via pen and paper. In my case, it was pen and reams of typing paper close by.

Back in the 80's Day-Day:

When it came to inspire, there were two favored stimulants the first being melodic settings and any fashion show airing on TV. I can recall anxiously waiting every Saturday morning back in the 80’s to watch Elsa Klensch’s commentary on fashion designers.

Image: Andrew Eccles

Image: Andrew Eccles

It was during those times, I was most inspired to keep designing and creating. There I could see all of the fashion designers and their models that balance beamed runways wearing the latest fashion.

What I always recalled was the uniqueness and expression of each designer. Pair that expression with a runway model, and from there, they bring that creation to life. Back then it was supermodels Jones, Campbell, Imani, Johnson, and countless others. They had the ability to bring whatever they wore to life and did so within their creative expressiveness. They harnessed the unique power of influence in the creative expression and human form of advertisement.

Runway model

Image: India press

The visual presentation within Origendestination.store is a representation of our Signature History & Resurrection. This signature symbol holds a lot of significance to the designer. One of our many Signatures used dates back 34 years and was used as a symbol in earlier depicted fashion design sketches. The final marking was always “The Signature”. Though this Signature lay dormant for decades, its resurrection is truly meaningful! What a great confirmation and divine reminder to know that our gifts and talents are always apart of us and awaiting their Lazarus moment. Now about that Lazarus moment…

Origendestination.store Fashion DesignOrigendestination.store Fashion Design

Origendestination.store Fashion Design

I recall being asked about watermarks and their significance. Their concern was someone taking their creation and being malicious.  My reply was that I had always held innately true, even as a child that designs are infinite. There is similitude but never replication. Secondly, in my world, one design introduces another, then another after that, then changes course but none-the-less, there are infinite possibilities. Infinite is simply another words for endless, vast or boundless. When you’re creating from a boundless place, you stop with the fear-mongering.

Freedom of expression where infinite creativeness is ignited shifts the focus. So, whatever appears to be mimicked, copied or duplicated with malicious intent or purposeful infringement simply communicates a distress call. A problem exists for which there is a solution. That’s not a breach; it’s a distress call meaning a default replica has been created due to an inability to gain access to infinite creativity.

The key is to assist with the unlocking and unleashing of that creativity. That’s why there are no threats as they serve no purpose when operating in an infinite creative place. It’s boundless and there’s freedom there! However, that’s not to say that there are not entities existent that seed malicious intent but to consistently exist in that type of fear is to become bound. That’s where you have good intentions sullied, rending as a result of throwing pearls to swine, having your good evil spoken of, etc. and how can you maintain creative infinite while being distracted by all that? Godly Wisdom is the key!

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