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So much has been said, written and implied about the monopolization of certain markets but little is said about gaining access to them. When it comes to the retail industry, you often hear that certain countries have the manufacturing and production monopoly on-lock. The question then is, how?

How does one take some key notes from those industries and create one’s own? Understanding the research and the ability to flip what you’ve learned into an action plan takes some insight. Executing with proficiency is a whole other process. The dynamics of Print on Demand and Dropshipping greatly benefits those looking to expand their brands for designers of all kinds. Looking to diversify your platform? DTG Printing is an option.

There are a number of different options for leveraging this technology. You can either purchase the equipment and warehouse it or contract it out. Either way, learning the ends and outs of how print on demand works and drop-shipping wraparound support can make a big difference.

Not too long ago, we published a post about DTG printing and tapping into this technology for Dropshipping and mass-replication of products. Here’s a snippet of that:

DTG Printing & Dropshipping Solutions: The world of Thermal transfer imaging

We wear these products all day long but have we ever pondered the process?
DTG Printing or Direct-to-garment printing (DTG) is a process of printing on textiles using specialized aqueous (water) ink jet technology. It’s been around for a minute. Now more than ever has the process been sought after since the inception of linking online stores to Dropshipping companies that provide the wraparound service support.
This technology has opened up so many doors for traditional designers and morphed the artist canvas into an interfacing digitized designer platform canvas. From idea, to design, thermal print to product finish.
You often hear frustrations regarding the DTG thermal printing process as it utilizes inks and processes that might not be ‘ideal’ for some brand preservations. However, presenting a solution is always ideal when stating the problem. So, the next step would be to discover the natural dyes that could be interfaced with this process. That way, this technology expands to other parts of the world as a means of creating sustainable solutions.
There are a lot of really great ideas out there for dye substitutions and many have taken to using them on their products. Now to get them rolled out in more markets on a large-scale.


As an online store, we're always looking for Business Apps to interface with. So, why not yours? If you're a business providing DTG Printing services and drop-shipping, find out how to interface your store's app to online store platforms. This is a great way to connect to designers looking to place their designs on  products your store probably already sells. 

Lastly, just to reiterate, for designers looking to diversify their platforms, it’s a great technology to morph vision to digitization quickly. Now who is tasked with the work of completing your project is where many tend to have some autonomy.

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