Origendestination.store: World of E-commerce: Sustainability & Mitigating disruptions

Origendestination.store: World of E-commerce: Sustainability & Mitigating disruptions

Platforms & Logistics:

In 2020, there was a report that came out about a popular online seller platform discontinuing its online service in one country. This particular platform like many other Ecommerce platforms provided software services to retailers looking to sell their products online. Sellers and citizens alike had the opportunity to expand their digital access to online markets. However, not shortly after being established, it was reported that logistics components kept becoming an issue and the platform eventually discontinued its services.

Most Ecommerce platforms provide a great number of services to businesses of all sizes. Some of that support assists businesses with online store creation and hosting, SEO support, marketing and security. This logistics provider was one of the country’s major tech advancements when it came to online seller platforms. Please note: The original story is not referenced in order to not unintentionally mischaracterize a country, company or actors. There is always more to a story. The focus on this content is to highlight strategic rebounding and how this played out for one company.

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Economic Rug-snatching:

Regardless of where you might be in the world, snatching the rug out from underneath someone can be pretty painful and for a number of reasons. One, because it’s unexpected for those affected and two, not enough time to brace for the fall and three, it could’ve possibly been avoidable had not the reaction time been slow. It’s no fun being blind sighted or knocked off course by economic disruptions. However, finding ways to avert a sort of rug snatching if you’ve ever experienced one can be tricky.  

Affects of Economic Disruptions:

As with any economic disruption, they can be either a major or minor occurrence. For example, on a major scale, one of the greatest examples of this was during the onset of the recent nationwide health crisis that impacted the entire world’s economic system. This event created a lot of disruption that the world is still trying to recover from.

Then there’s the example of what might be considered a minor disruption. A minor disruption, although still impactful may only affect a limited to select number while others are largely isolated or unaffected by the disruption. Such was the case for the seller platform that discontinued offering services due to stated infrastructure issues.

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This major selling platform was discontinued leaving many who worked for them without employment. Fortunately though for the team, they were able to rebound quickly, pool their resources and relaunch under their own brand. In doing this, the former employees now turned business partners averted a potentially harmful economic setback. Their quick response also benefitted those of their countrymen and women who relied upon the online platform to sell their products.

Regroup, Rebrand & Relaunch:

The questions then becomes, what happens when an economic rug is snatched from underneath a platform one relies upon? How quickly can one rebound from that rug snatching to strategically reposition while helping others do the same? Taking from the example of this story, their ability to regroup, rebrand and relaunch was timely. The rebound company’s strategy sheds light on how any entity, people, place or country, too reliant upon another for economic survival; can get the economic rug snatched out from underneath them. It's what they did that made the difference in not only their lives but the livelihoods and economic stability of others.

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In essence, what this new company was able to do was keep sellers connected to an online selling platform while maintaining their own livelihoods. Why? There was a vested interest for the new company to do so.

This company represented citizens of the country and the former employees. For them, It was not going to be so easy to just up and relocate with the company they were formerly employed with. So, when the rug was snatched by their former employer, the people acted quickly, regrouped, rebranded and relaunched. After all, they already had the skillsets and the know how to do it.

They simply recreated in themselves what they created for others for so long. They became the magic carpet ride.


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