Origendestination.store: Freedom of Creativity & Diversity of Our Expression

Origendestination.store: Freedom of Creativity & Diversity of Our Expression

Freedom of Creativity & Diversity of Our Expression

"As long as I can remember, I’ve always been intrigued by artistic expression. The kind of expression that comes with the freedom to create and communicate a symbolic language that expresses thoughts that words cannot."

Some might choose to sculpt, while others use canvas and still there are endless forms of creative expression that exits, they all cannot be confined, they are infinite. It’s the holistic forms of freedom of expression can thrive the most in atmosphere’s that aren’t confined or conformed. It is not limited to one form but many forms, levels, dimensions, realms, chromatics, etc. without binding rules or given to exclusivity.

Song, Melody, Word, Art and Design:

As a child, I found my creativity in the ability to manifest and harness that same creative expression in whatever I could manifest it in. There were a number of different ways I favored which were directly connected to song and melody, in word art and design form. Some might refer to this as those God-given gifts and talents one has that cannot be attributed to having been taught them. You know the ones that just up and do something considered astonishing but nobody can put a finger on how or where they ‘learned’ it, deductive reasoning doesn’t work and where ‘labels’ won’t apply. (More about The Infinite Creative Place)


There was always that urge to communicate with singing and a desire to express this creativity in music. It’s where you’re singing in a number of different keys in order to find your place in the melody. I first learned this listening to my own mother who sang soprano in the church choir back in the day-day. This is where gift rehearsal takes place and where you learn discipline and control most of the time. 

Picture of Ora Dean (Robinson) Bellows in Church Choir

Church-Flow-Image: Ora Dean (Robinson) Bellows

Sing-a-Longs with Top 8 At 8 Featured R&B Singers: 


Growing up, I also loved listening to R&B because that’s where the disciplined usually ended up—In the entertainment world of showcasing the sacred gift. So, no matter where they went, you always found a way to follow that sound where it showed up. That’s the genre given to classify some of those high key notes ‘Soul Physicians’ who harness the melodicism and have mastered the technique of both mending and healing. I always heard it in Houston, Mills, Howard, and Williams. Then there were Baker, Hyman, with Carrie and Wyatt showing up a little later along with countless others. It’s a massive list of high & second Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Bass, etc. So many have sown into the soul's of men's hearts but such is the task of these melodic soul physicians. We’re always found masterfully representing that sound in a number of different genres. Healing has no bounds.

Though some have gone on, there will always be more to come. Their creative and artistic expression was created by an infinite God whose purposes are never thwarted.


In ending, whatever your gift manifestation, keep it guarded, and hold it sacred. There’s always some entity out there looking to pervert it or flip it to some nefarious use. Most often, it’s done to us out of  their ignorance. After all, if you can be devalued, diverted and knocked off course, then it serves the purpose of those who wanted you to switch lanes.

Remember, you’re the assigned steward of your gift; you know its intended use and purpose and are accountable for how it’s seeded. So, be strong today and always. You’ve got this because God’s got you! More on how the creative factor plays out for Origendestination.store

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