Room for Both Technologies? Organic and Organically Digitized

Room for Both Technologies? Organic and Organically Digitized

Working through the Process

A part of the journey was to find and develop a branding idea that would simply advertise the Why and What for of the Brand. What instead started out as a promo-t search ended up directing me towards thermo imaging ideas. Back in the day it was from pen to paper. Now fast-forwarding to today’s technological advancements; A simple digital interfacing allows what was once done on paper to be digitized and simply uploaded. It’s kinda nice I think.

Soulful Work:

Sewing machinist

Although the technological advancements can be quick nifty, I’m still a fan of the old-school ways or the hands-on approach. I still dig the sewing machines, though I never really had the patience for the process. Me, I just want to hurry up and get it done. I prefer watching this part of the technique then participating in it. I can appreciate what one does with their bare hands; controlling the thread to the needle then the paddle to the press, while guiding the materials in one’s hands. Though it seems meticulous, physical machinists just have a way of making it soulful work. I just do mine in another way.

Respecting Original Processes

Weaving machinist

When asking an organist creator what they thought about utilizing the newer technological method for mass production they were somewhat hesitant. I understood why as they were concerned with preserving traditions and keeping techniques under close surveillance. The workshop they run is one where they will not allow certain footage to be taken during some processes. I get it…it makes sense.

Press Operations & Mass Machine Production Work

Thermo press operation

The primary objective was the preservation of old techniques that tend to have more organic significance. Maybe mass producing something takes away from the significance of production. Tis true, this could be for the good or bad; Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Replacing the original technique with something that would end up perverting the organics of a products authenticity is the new challenge. But hey, maybe there's room for both processes to work together.

There's Room for a variety of Techniques

To me, you could take it a step further by differentiating with hand sown versus machine sown…or hand dying versus applied techniques. At the end of the day, there’s still room to appreciate them both. After all, we tend to be selective on what is preserved as organic and what we yield to technological advancements anyway.

Threading machines

I’ve often heard varying techniques debated and especially on the topic of originality. While some argue for one process over another, at some point the only difference is time. I like to take it one step further to the origin of the material. Where does that part come from? So, if keeping within the confines of what I’ll refer to as OG-ness; then doesn’t that really start at the seed stage?

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